A drawing progression

I like to see how a drawing grows;  it’s a little bit magical!  And with digital pieces, that’s easily done.

Just save frequently, which is, of course, a wise course of action anyways.

This time, I stitched all the progressions together to see them in a line, and I think the result is cool :).

The drawing was a commission that I recently finished.

Of course only the final drawing was delivered.

I’m looking forward to working on the next one!


Too busy to draw …

This drawing is from December.

It’s May now.  With freelance work comes a lot of juggling and balancing of time and part time work.

It’s been a season of growth, for sure, with so many awesome new puppies to walk, but the time is coming to get back to the drawings …

Every now and again I go back to remember past drawings.  This was one I loved.  This puppy has such an intent gaze …

Looking forward to more!


Comfort drawing

There comes a point in most of the commission work that I do

where I need to stop and do something new.

It’s a reset point.

I can get so used to what I’ve been looking at in the project I’m working on that I lose the fresh insight required to find the points of change.

I can get so involved in a piece that I cease to know how to fix what might not be looking the way it should.

So I choose a subject of my own, or a quick challenge that will intrigue me visually.

Sometimes it’s just a comfort drawing.

… like this one 🙂


This is Logan.

He makes me smile, and he might just be the cuddliest puppy ever …

… and now it’s time to get back to business 🙂

sketching with pen on paper

Pen on paper.

It’s all truth.  Nothing hidden, nothing re-done.

It’s quick …

.. and for me, it’s a refreshing challenge.


I used to fill paper sketchbooks with these kinds of studies and sketches.

Now my work is mostly digital.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a pen, on a surface, and my ability to create the image you see.

But with layers and the ‘undo’ tool, there’s more room for making and fixing mistakes.

This is Coltan.

I met him last weekend.  He’s a cutie.

And this study is in pen … on paper :).


trying something different …

It’s great to have several projects on the go 😊.

This one is an interesting challenge:  work out some ideas for a paint job on this sexy machine!

It’s on-going, but this sketch looked pretty nice, so I thought I’d add it to the collection here.


(done in Clip Studio Paint Pro)

Clip Studio Paint Pro – test

An animator friend of mine suggested a new drawing software, one designed for comic strip and Manga drawing.

She had great things to say about the pens and pencils, as well as how versatile the program is.

I decided to try it out, and I’m very glad I did.

Clip Studio Paint Pro is, so far, lovely to draw in!

This is Titan, again, a younger version of him 😊.


The drawing isn’t finished yet, but I am more than satisfied that I’ll be able to work happily and successfully in the software.

It’s time to start some commissions!


A new set up!

Between contracts at the studio, I found that my tablet just wasn’t producing the quality of detail in drawings that I was looking for.

So I upgraded the tablet.

But my regular drawing software wouldn’t work the way I wanted it to with the new equipment, so I was forced to try new softwares.

Photoshop. For drawing?

I’d never thought it had the sophistication (even though it is incredible for so many other things).

But I found I love it!

This is Titan, a puppy I adore.


He is my first test subject for the new drawing system … and for those of you awaiting drawings,

I am truly looking forward to making them!  Soon!  Just a few more kinks to iron out :).

Stay tuned!!!

a dog and his human

I was honored yet again, to draw a special pair of souls.

There were many photos to choose from, some of which might have been nicer (smiles and pretty outfits).

But this image spoke to me of the beautiful bond shared by these two, and so I chose to draw it.

Theirs was a moment of deeply felt connection and devotion.

It makes my heart glad to see it.