What has always fascinated me about drawings, is the fact that they are illusions.

They are, essentially, magic.

They fool us, if they work, into seeing three dimensional scenes or objects on a two dimensional plane, and I love that.  It is marvelous to me … and I can never quite believe that I have managed to do it yet again, with every drawing that I make.


For a long time, I worked to create the most invisible illusion possible.  But gradually, my fascination with the magic of it began to inform my work.  The Impressionists, like Monet and Pissaro were my favorites, because I could see their hand in their illusions.

The little sketch above, is something I am very happy with.  From far back, it works, but when you come closer, you can see just how unfinished and wild it really is, and to me, that’s better than the most perfect  of photo realistic works :).

THIS piece is an action.


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