Oil painting!!!

I am SO excited to be oil painting again!

It has been so long .. probably almost 15 years since the last time I made an oil painting.  I took a commission a few weeks ago to make a painting for a couple getting married.  I accepted it, thinking it would be fine, based on two things:

1.  I have gotten good at doing portraits relatively accurately and quickly in digital media.

2.  I WAS good with oils long ago.  It was my medium of choice, and I created work I was happy with in it.

What I discovered:

First:  I had much to re-learn!  So many of the techniques (and even the equipment I used to have in the old studios) were lost or forgotten.  What I learned over years then, I still needed to re-learn over the course of this project.  It was a quick learning curve, but a curve nonetheless!

Second:  I cannot assume that ability in one media transfers to another.  Speed in digital painting is dependent on the medium.  Oils are another creature altogether.  They are incomparable.  Like apples and oranges.

Still, I am happy with the results, and I am happy to be back in oils again :).


This is a detail of the larger piece … It was taken in progress … so the final version does look different.  But I love the texture and the feel of the oils in this image :).

Below is the finished painting.  I think it is an incredibly romantic image :).


(click on thumbnail to see full resolution)


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